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24 Hour Rehab Treatment Center

Recently Opened Women’s Facility!
If you are a woman or a lesbian couple, we’ve recently opened a women’s only beautiful sober living home. We are known for providing the best care in Orange County, CA and now we are expanding with this luxurious women’s only sober living home. In beautiful Orange County, we provide you with all the tools and support you need to overcome your addiction. We provide you with your own private rooms, and we are pet friendly. We don’t kennel your animals, they can stay with you in your room! Also, we now provide a private pick-up service. We will come pick you up anywhere in Orange County and surrounding Southern California and take you to the rehab facility that best suits your needs. Call 24 Hour Rehab Treatment Center today, and we can help you get your life back!

Our treatment center offers a tranquil and serene place where you can start on your path to recovery. We aim to help men succeed in their endeavor to start anew by living their life free from drugs and alcohol.

At 24 Hour Rehab Treatment Center, we understand how important it is to recover. This is so you can resume your normal lifestyle with your friends and loved ones and to get your life back on track. We make it our personal mission to help you recover and never go through behavioral or addiction relapse.

Our treatment center specializes in individualizing treatment programs for each client in our care. We offer evidence-based methods and advanced clinical techniques for a broad spectrum of types of clients. At 24 Hour Rehab Treatment Center, you will get all the help that you need. We’re here to help.

24 Hour Rehab Treatment Center now provide probation approved treatment facilities, couples accepted.”


  • “We now have a package deal for a private attorney for drug and alcohol addiction and also provide Bail bond service.”
  • “Offering sober living for men and women with pets in Southern California”
  • “Also offering outpatient drug and alcohol treatment in Huntington Beach”
  • California Heroin Detox
  • Couple Heroin Detox
  • Couple Opiate Detox
  • Couples Private Rooms Drug Treatment
  • Couples Naltrexone Drug Treatment

We offer assessment, placement, and referral services

We Specialize in Drug and Alcohol Treatment for School Teachers.

We Now Offer Treatment for Drug and Alcohol and Mental Problems for Adolescents

We are now marijuana approved cash pay rehab for 25 thousand a month. We will help people get sober from all drugs and alcohol but we will allow you to smoke marijuana.

We accept HMO Insurance for inpatient residential treatment 30 day program, No Co-Pay!

24 Hour Rehab Treatment Center will be happy to refer you to a treatment center who can provide for your needs. This FREE Referral service is for clients who go through 24 Hour Rehab Treatment Center for their initial rehab admission processing. Your assigned treatment center will then arrange for easy and affordable payment on your part. When you are referred by 24 Hour Rehab Treatment Center, you know you can trust the treatment center you will be assigned to. We look for quality, competence and credibility because we only want the best for our clients.

We also provide Bailbond services in California only.

Call and speak to a specialist now!

Intake Coordinator or Intervention Specialists Family Intervention
Intervention anytime, anywhere!
$3,500.00 for all intervention service.

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Insurance Accepted

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Executive 24 Hour Hotline

Heroin 24 Hour Hotline

Prescription Pills 24 Hour Hotline

Oxycodone 24 Hour Hotline

Zanax 24 Hour Hotline

Cold Medicine 24 Hour Emergency Hotline

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Couples sexual addiction

Detoxification is the first step in overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Detox is a critical and urgent medical need.

In many cases, the presence of an animal at the treatment facility provides a sense of normalcy and creates a "home-like" atmosphare.

Outpatient rehab is most effective as the next component of treatment for clients who have completed an inpatient program.

Sober Living provides a stable, safe, and alcohol and drug free living situation conducive to sustaining abstinence.

Aftercare programs are an essential part of alcohol or drug treatment to increase success for staying sober.

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